i-Fill Live Cell

INTELLITECH’S I-Fill Micro Pumps for transporting live cells have qualified, as a study in collaboration with the University of South Florida demonstrated that the I-Fill is a viable alternative to peristaltic pumps for live cell transport.

by Kadeja Johnson

Reprinted from Phacilitate.com

January 16, 2024


Intellitech, a reliable partner for dispensing and filling applications, proudly unveiled the i-FILL pump as a groundbreaking alternative to peristaltic pumps for live cell transfer in the growing cell therapy market. Traditional straight peristaltic pumps have been associated with cell damage. Intellitech’s hybrid piston/diaphragm technology aims to provide superior accuracy, repeatability, control capability, and reduced stress on cells.

In a strategic collaboration with the University of South Florida, Intelli-TECH conducted a comprehensive cell viability study comparing the i-FILL pump to a convex roller peristaltic pump. The results of the study were showcased at the scientific poster zone at Advanced Therapies Week 2024.


Ms. Olukemi Akintewe, Ph.D., Associate Professor at the University of South Florida, expressed that “Intellitech came to us because we had the resources and staff to perform the cell study. We looked at cell proliferation, adhesion, detachment and performed a live/dead cell assay for samples circulated through each pump for varying time periods.”


i-Fill cell transfer
i-FILL® Transfer Pump

Known for precise and repeatable dispensing accuracy, the i-FILL family of pumps has now earned qualification for live cell transfer.


The study focused on evaluating the i-FILL Micro pumps for live cell transport, utilizing NIH-3t3 fibroblast cells in viability experiments. The experiments involved sample volume suspensions with a cell density of approximately 3.57 x 105 cells/ml and a flow rate of 1.9 L/min at different sampling times (circulation) of 5, 20, and 60 minutes. Results demonstrated that the i-FILL is a viable alternative to peristaltic pumps for live cell transport.


Having served as a precision dispensing pump in drug product, media, and diagnostic reagent filling applications for over two decades, the i-FILL pump has now been proven to be a highly capable, low-shear live-cell transfer pump. It excels in critical applications where peristaltic pumps may be insufficient. The hybrid diaphragm/positive displacement pump offers precise control over dispensed volume, flow rate, acceleration, and deceleration, providing unmatched accuracy and repeatability. The materials in its single-use fluid path have been qualified for both cell suspensions and drug product applications.




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