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Small Volume Filling

i-FILL Micro - Small Volume Filling (100mcl – 15ml)

The i-FILL® Micro Pump delivers the same repeatable dispense accuracy of the i-FILL® to even smaller fill volumes for delicate product transfer.

small volume filling
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What We Offer

Call for a virtual demo or to learn about the Units that have run millions of cycles, operating multiple shifts with X-Y filling fixtures tethered to them to automate the process.

Other Intellitech Products

Many of our customers are involved in biologic drug/therapy/vaccine R&D and transitioning to GMP production and we, at Intellitech, believe we can best support those efforts by continuing to focus on manufacturing and improving the i-FILL family of precision liquid dispensing pump technology and single-use systems.

Large Volume Filling

Large Volume Filling

The i-FILL pump is for fill volumes of 100ml to multi liters. The technology is ideally suited for water-like, high-value, sensitive product where product loss is costly and unacceptable.

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automated tray filling

Automated Tray Filling

This affordable fixture is an accessory to the i-FILL Micro that converts your process from manual filling to semi-automatic with ease and simplicity.

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Closure Systems

Closure Systems

The i-CAP® Torque Unit provides automated tightening of container screw tops.

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