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Large Volume Filling

i-FILL – Large Volume Filling (10ml – 100ml)

The i-FILL pump is for fill volumes of 10ml to 100ml. The technology is ideally suited for water-like, high-value, sensitive product where product loss is costly and unacceptable. The pump is easily configured and controlled through a color touch-screen digital display. Fill profiles can be programmed to control foamy product or challenging product characteristics and saved as reusable recipes. The pump is not suited for highly viscous product. The pump is operated via the touch screen or foot pedal.

This pump is validated and being used in regulated filling suites around the world.

Validation support templates are available. The i-Fill is proven to deliver repeatable, precision dispensing over thousands of cycles. It outperforms peristaltic pumps with no risk of spallation or having to recalibrate for fill volumes trending out of tolerance. There is no dripping from the nozzle between dispenses.

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Other Intellitech Products

Many of our customers are involved in biologic drug/therapy/vaccine R&D and transitioning to GMP production and we, at Intellitech, believe we can best support those efforts by continuing to focus on manufacturing and improving the i-FILL family of precision liquid dispensing pump technology and single-use systems.

Small Volume Filling

Small Volume Filling

The i-FILL® Micro Pump delivers the same repeatable dispense accuracy of the i-FILL® to even smaller fill volumes for delicate product transfer.

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automated tray filling

Automated Tray Filling

This affordable fixture is an accessory to the i-FILL Micro that converts your process from manual filling to semi-automatic with ease and simplicity.

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Closure Systems

Closure Systems

The i-CAP® Torque Unit provides automated tightening of container screw tops.

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