12_Ultrasonic WelderUltrasonic Welding  

Secure plastics bonding in ISO 7 Cleanroom

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Intellitech uses ultrasonic welding in the Clean Room Assembly of both the 1ml and 10ml Disposable Fluid Path Kits.  This process assures that the bond between pump head, base and diaphragm is fused with the same material used in the molded parts.  Unlike adhesives or solvents, the bond is achieved in seconds, with the absence of drying time and with minimal risk of not adhering.

Ultrasonic welding is well suited to bio/pharma Single-Use, disposable fluid path in that it produces clean exteriors of welded parts, a gas tight and completely stable assembly and provides the capability to weld materials which are incompatible using other conventional assembly processes. The process creates reliable bonds of USP Class VI compliant materials without introducing any impurities or thermal distortion to the components being joined.

The capability for ultrasonic welding in the Clean Room Assembly of Custom Kits and Custom Tubing Sets is also available with minimal investment in the tooling required.