iFILL® Microliter to ml Liquid Filler

Single Use Pump Dispenses 25µl to 20ml

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The i FILL® Micro Pump is ideal for manual or semi-automatic liquid filling of vials, tubes or bottles.  The pump is ideal for microbiology applications, delicate product transfer and outperforms a peristaltic filling machine by providing improved liquid filling accuracy over hundreds of cycles. The table top unit easily fits on a workbench, under a laminar flow hood and can be integrated into fully automation liquid fill / finish packaging lines. Introduced in 2006, customers “continue to be amazed by its reliability, consistency and unmatched repeatable liquid filling accuracy.”

Single-Use Technology provides the convenience of disposable fluid path while delivering unmatched precision liquid dispense. Disposable fluid path kits come complete with nozzle (dispensing tip) and tubing, double bagged and gamma irradiated, in sizes 1ml and 10ml. Single-use fluid path eliminates time-consuming changeovers, expensive head cleaning, long autoclave cycles and reduces risk of cross contamination.

Advantages of the i FILL® Micro Table Top, Single use pump:

  • Ergonomic alternative to repetitive hand pipetting
  • Repeatable, precise dispense accuracy over hundreds of cycles
  • Easy to set up for manual filling via unit display or footswitch
  • Self-priming; digitally controlled; programmable dispense parameters
  • Automatic filling option for repeated cycling
  • Single Use, disposable fluid path in 1ml and 10ml for fill range 25µl to 20ml
  • Microbiology pump can transfer live cells or handle delicate liquid product
  • Table Top or integrate with semi- or fully automatic liquid FILL / FINISH
  • Optional vial / tray liquid filling fixture to automate table top liquid filling

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