The Impacts of Spallation and Repeatable Fill Accuracy in Liquid Filling Applications

The Impacts of Spallation and Repeatable Fill Accuracy in Liquid Filling Applications As the biotech, pharmaceutical, and specialty chemical industries continue to grow, so too does the need for innovative state-of-the-art processes and production technologies. These data-driven fields continuously demand equipment that can produce accurate, repeatable, and reliable results. Intellitech’s technical experts understand the requirements of these critical industries. Through extensive research and development, we have developed custom liquid filling machines that meet the ever-changing needs of these industries. The i-FILL® is specially engineered to deliver precise volumetric accuracy and repeatability capable of meeting the standards of various sectors. Achieve Superior Repeatable Fill Accuracy with Best-In-Class Hybrid Technology Hand filling processes have long been an area of concern, since human error can compromise the accuracy of fill volumes. Overfilling, underfilling, and product loss due to spillage are just some of the issues associated with manual filling operations. Intellitech’s i-FILL® pump technology is guided by a digitally controlled servo motor that ensures precise volumes of fluid are dispensed and accurately repeated between batches. The unit can also be easily programmed using the touchscreen interface to configure different dispensary profiles with customizable filling volumes and speeds to suit various fluid characteristics. To further enhance accuracy, the fluid path is outfitted with one-way check valves that start and stop fluid flows to eliminate dripping, prevent overfilling and spillage. Avoid Tubing Spallation and Particle Shedding In conventional peristaltic pump filling machines, tubing is wrapped around a circular pump casing. This pump casing is fitted with a rotor, consisting of a system of rollers, which alternately compress the tube as it rotates. The alternating compression and relaxation of the tubing forces fluids in the appropriate direction. Peristaltic pump fillers, though

Intellitech’s Liquid Filling Machine Brings Scalability to Bioprocessing Company Downstream Fill/Finish Process

Intellitech’s Liquid Filling Machine Brings Scalability to Bioprocessing Company Downstream Fill/Finish Process Intellitech recently had the opportunity to improve the fill/finish process for a life-science  bioprocessing company in the Midwest from a manual operation to state-of-the-art automation for a fully automated bottle feed, uncap, fill, cap and label application process. The upgrade reduced set up and cycle time for the fill/finish process while improving the accuracy and repeatability of the operation.  With the new liquid filling equipment in place, the company increased the capacity of their fill/finish process to support business growth.   The Client’s Predicament: Intellitech was approached by a bioprocessing company interested in exploring the capabilities of automated liquid filling machines. The company specializes in the production of cell culture supplements that are frequently used in the pharmaceutical and diagnostic sectors.  More specifically, they handle protein fractions that are used as cell culture media and diagnostic controls in critical pharmaceutical applications. At the time, the life-science company had an extremely efficient hand-filling process performed by two employees; one unwrapping cartons of bottles and loosening the caps, while the other employee performed the uncap, fill, and cap placement operations. The employee, who was very adept at their job, could uncap, fill and place a cap on an average of 600 bottles an hour. Although the manual filling process was efficient, the company knew that filling by hand was not sustainable, and there were underlying productivity issues that would need to be addressed to support their business growth: If the hand-filling operator was unavailable, filling operations would be in jeopardy The complete cap tightening process was outside the filling suite – lengthening the cycle time The hand-filling process was not infinitely scalable – automation would

Visit Us at Pittcon 2018, Booth #1701

Visit Us at Pittcon 2018, Booth #1701 Pittcon 2018, being held in Orlando, FL from Feb 26-Mar 1, offers life science professionals the latest in techniques and instrumentation. New, next gen single-use technology on display at Intellitech's Booth #1701 include: Quorus Q-BIOME® single use bioreactor for continuous cultivation of microbial and mammalian cell cultures. Intellitech i-FILL® single-use precision pump and small dose filling fixture. Cellon Pharmatainer® sample bottles from BioFluid Focus. Call 727-914-7000 for more information.

Intellitech Website Now HTTPS for Improved Security

St. Petersburg, FL, 28APR2017 - Intellitech, leading provider of single use liquid filling pumps for biotech (ELISA kit, reagent, cell therapy, biologics) and pharmaceutical packaging upgraded website security as part of their focus to provide customers with the highest level of service. The website changed from to display the green padlock icon and an extra  “s” in the web address; https:\\ Barbara Biller, Intellitech President said, “This change was made to protect our most important asset, our customers.” Changing the URL from HTTP to HTTPS ensures the Intellitech website has a higher level of security, providing protection against malicious activity such as site forgery, website content alteration and/or identity theft. Preparing for future improvements and insuring that information provided by visitors to our site will be secure all leads to a safe & secure experience when our customers communicate with us through our website. Now a visit to the website to use the Build a Customized Liquid Filler, Request a Quote or Contact Us for more information on the i-FILL single use pump and other liquid fill/finish products lets you provide your personal information the safest way the internet offers today.  Only Name, e-mail and phone number are requested so we can contact you to discuss your interest in Intellitech’s innovative liquid filling machines.  And rest assured, this information is used solely by Intellitech and never shared with any third party. Intellitech, Filling tomorrow’s needs today. Not only are we innovating precision, single-use liquid filling equipment, we are implementing business processes to insure we provide secure communication.

Top 3 Single Use Consumables – No. 1 Clamps

Medical Grade Stainless Steel Clamps Improve pull strength, 360° hold Intellitech carries all sizes of Oetiker 194 clamp Oetiker Stainless Steel Tubing Clamps Add Intellitech to your Supply Chain for Single-Use Components. Intellitech has partnered with Oetiker® to supply ear clamps for tubing sets that meet the performance requirements of demanding biopharmaceutical applications.  We are now the largest US distributor for medical-grade Series PG 194 ear clamps.  In-stock sizes range from 4.8mm to 25mm. Trusted in crucial applications demanding seal integrity and pull strength, the Oetiker® Clamp is the clamp of choice, used extensively throughout the biopharmaceutical and life science industries. Hans Oetiker® developed the first ever ear clamp in 1942 and built a business that thrives today manufacturing a simple product to the highest quality standards. Ear Clamps provide: Unmatched pull strength – Application testing available Stepless design – Easy application to soft or hard parts Burr- free strip edges – Protects disposable fluid path from damage and minimizes risk of injury during assembly Tolerance compensation – Provides consistent application; Each clamp has an adequate range of tolerance *See our Products Page for Single-Use Technology, Consumables for Clamps In stock orders ship in 24 hrs. Call 1.866.434.5548 to order your critical components.

Top 3 Single Use Consumables – No. 2 Tubing

Platinum-cured Silicone and C-FLEX® Suitable for BioPharma applications Intellitech stocks standard tubing sizes in bulk St. Gobain BioPharmaceutical Tubing Add Intellitech to your Supply Chain for Single-Use Components. Intellitech is a reseller of St. Gobain biopharma-grade platinum-cured silicone tubing and C-Flex®. The same tubing is used in our line of single-use, disposable fluid path and consumables. This tubing was developed to meet the most stringent requirements of the biopharmaceutical and life sciences industry for liquid filling and precision dispensing. Our standard and customized single-use tubing provide superior performance in fluid path kits for liquid filling applications, from mcL to mL to Liter. C-Flex® tubing is specifically designed for aseptic welding connections and sealing disconnection. C-Flex is suitable for sterilization by gamma irradiation and autoclave. It is moldable, bondable and formable, ideal for single-use assemblies, overmolds, and tubing with bags manifolds. Best IN Class Intellitech’s combination of St. Gobain Tubing, Oetiker® medical grade clamps, and Rubber Fab Seals and Gaskets are used exclusively in our line of consumables, such as: i-FILL® Single Use / Disposable Fluid Path Kit 100ml 1 Liter i-FILL® Micro Single Use / Disposable Fluid Path Kit 1ml 10ml  Also available with consumables purchase: ISO 7 Clean Room packaging Material certificate available, upon request Lot # traceability FDA and ISP Class VI quality materials on select products Extractable and leachable information, as available Most standard sizes in stock Value added services available – custom kitting, packaging, labeling *See our Products Page for Single-Use Technology, Consumables for Tubing In stock orders ship in 24 hrs. Call 1.866.434.5548 to order your critical components.

Top 3 Single Use Consumables – No. 3 Seals and Gaskets

Sanitary, Hygenic Seals and Gaskets Protecting the integrity of the flow path Intellitech stocks Sanitary Seals and Gaskets USP and FDA compliant materials Add Intellitech to your Supply Chain for Single-Use Components. Intellitech is a distributor for Garlock / Rubber Fab sanitary gaskets and seals, to complement our specialized line of consumables.  Quality assured seal design is paramount in liquid filling equipment, that is why we chose Rubber Fab’s consistently reliable products for our line of Disposable Fluid Path Kits, Seal Kits and Custom Kits. Rubber Fab, a recognized supplier of critical process consumables for the pharmaceutical and bio-processing industry, was recently acquired by EnPro’s Garlock Family of Companies, a leading global supplier of high performance sealing and fluid handling products to the biopharmaceutical market. Rubber Fab’s products incorporate Quality Control Guidelines that... Protect products from contamination, spalling, particulates and TOCs resulting from the use of improper sanitary hygienic seal material Protect facilities from unnecessary downtime associated with sanitary hygienic seal failure and replacement from use of improper hygienic seal material. Rubber Fab’s O-Rings, Silicone Gaskets and Seals are FDA Compliant for use in food applications, Class VI tested for pharmaceutical applications or Detectomer® products that meet the requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act. * See our Products Page under Single-Use Technology, Consumables for Seals and Gaskets In stock orders ship in 24 hrs. Call 1.866.434.5548 to order your critical components.  

intelliTECH Relocates to Pinellas Bringing Jobs & Manufacturing Technology

Intellitech Relocates to Pinellas Bringing Jobs & Manufacturing Technology Maryland company projected to create 15 jobs with more than $2 million capital investment PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla (September 15, 2016) -  Intellitech, manufacturer of liquid filling and closure machinery used in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, has announced the completion of their relocation from Maryland to Pinellas County, Florida.  The company expects to bring 15 manufacturing and headquarters-related jobs to their new location at 11801 28th Street North, St. Petersburg, and to invest over $2 million in the region. Governor Rick Scott said, "I am proud to announce today that Intellitech has completed their headquarters relocation from Maryland to Pinellas County. Intellitech chose to move their company to Florida because they were looking for the most business-friendly environment to grow and create new jobs. That is why we are continuing to work each day to cut taxes and make Florida more competitive so we can continue to attract growing businesses." "We're celebrating our 21st year in business, and this relocation will help to push Intellitech to our next level of growth," said Barbara Biller, President of Intellitech.  "Pinellas' medical device manufacturing and life sciences sectors make the City of St. Petersburg the ideal location for Intellitech to connect to both our suppliers and customers." Through proven speed to market and targeted market niche penetration, Intellitech is positioned for the next level of growth. Since moving to Pinellas in December 2015, Intellitech has found new suppliers in Pinellas County, including ComTech Precision Machine, Inc. and Legacy Custom Plastics, LLC to provide the company's fabricated and molded proprietary parts.  Most importantly, Intellitech recently closed a large contract with Pinellas firm, VistaPharm - (manufacturer and distributor of quality generic pharmaceutical products)

intelliTECH Inc. New Blog

New Blog Welcome to IntelliTECH Inc.’s inaugural blog post and release of a new website! We are an emerging manufacturer of liquid filling equipment and single-use fluid path for the global biotech, pharmaceutical and specialty chemical industries. Our goal of refreshing the website was to make it more interactive, easier to navigate and information rich for you. From the HOME page, we invite you to explore the three things we hang our hat on -- Innovation, Precision, and Versatility.  Each of these pages features how we focus on customer requirements.  We invite you to explore and learn how we can help you bring your liquid product to market. We are striving to go beyond the captive landscape. We are here to make your next project as successful as it can possibly be. Enjoy your visit to our new website,  Call us to discuss your liquid filling requirements at 866.434.5548.