The Impacts of Spallation and Repeatable Fill Accuracy in Liquid Filling Applications

As the biotech, pharmaceutical, and specialty chemical industries continue to grow, so too does the need for innovative state-of-the-art processes and production technologies. These data-driven fields continuously demand equipment that can produce accurate, repeatable, and reliable results.

Intellitech’s technical experts understand the requirements of these critical industries. Through extensive research and development, we have developed custom liquid filling machines that meet the ever-changing needs of these industries. The i-FILL® is specially engineered to deliver precise volumetric accuracy and repeatability capable of meeting the standards of various sectors.

Achieve Superior Repeatable Fill Accuracy with Best-In-Class Hybrid Technology

Hand filling processes have long been an area of concern, since human error can compromise the accuracy of fill volumes. Overfilling, underfilling, and product loss due to spillage are just some of the issues associated with manual filling operations.

Intellitech’s i-FILL® pump technology is guided by a digitally controlled servo motor that ensures precise volumes of fluid are dispensed and accurately repeated between batches. The unit can also be easily programmed using the touchscreen interface to configure different dispensary profiles with customizable filling volumes and speeds to suit various fluid characteristics.

To further enhance accuracy, the fluid path is outfitted with one-way check valves that start and stop fluid flows to eliminate dripping, prevent overfilling and spillage.

Avoid Tubing Spallation and Particle Shedding

In conventional peristaltic pump filling machines, tubing is wrapped around a circular pump casing. This pump casing is fitted with a rotor, consisting of a system of rollers, which alternately compress the tube as it rotates. The alternating compression and relaxation of the tubing forces fluids in the appropriate direction.

Peristaltic pump fillers, though relatively efficient, can potentially result in accelerated wear and tear of the tubing. Standard tubing materials – such as silicone rubber and polyvinyl chloride – possess poor abrasion characteristics and, when damaged, can cause tubing particles to shed into the solution being pumped. This particle shedding can contaminate solutions and lead to inaccurate test results in the biotech, pharmaceutical, and specialist chemical industries.

The i-FILL® pump utilizes a hybrid of best-in-class pump technology, which pulls fluid through the tubing. This gentler method causes no impact or shearing forces on the tubing, minimizing wear and tear and eliminating the possibility of particle shedding.

Furthermore, the shearing action imposed by the rollers in peristaltic pumps can be damaging to live cells and cultures. The low to no-shear nature of the i-FILL® pump is better suited for handling organic material and/or sensitive fluids.

Advantages of the i-FILL® Pump

In addition to enhanced repeatable fill accuracy, minimized particle shedding, and improved live cell viability rate, other benefits of the i-FILL® pump include:

  • Decreased risk of cross-contamination with a single-use fluid path
  • Disposable fluid path kits that are assembled and packaged in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom and gamma irradiated
  • No-drip dispense technology for fill volumes ranging from 20 mcl to 20 ml on a single cycle
  • Fluid path kit materials manufactured from USP Class VI compliant materials

These advantages make the i-FILL® pump ideal for dispensing fluids in water testing, pharmaceutical and chemical preparations, vaccines, biological products, and botanical applications.

Industry Leading Innovation

The i-FILL’s® pump technology, digital servo motor and integrated check valve system offer a level of accuracy, repeatability, and reliability that is unmatched by competitive dispensers – critical in regulated filling environments or producers of high-value product where under/over filling is not an option.

The disposable no-shear fluid path from product source to dispense nozzle eliminates the possibility of tube spallation and fluid contamination. Moreover, the removal of shear forces makes the i-FILL® better suited for handling delicate product.

Download our eBook: Peristaltic Pump vs. i-FILL® Technology to learn more about the advantages the i-FILL® offers over conventional peristaltic pumps fillers.

Download the eBook: Peristaltic Pump Vs. i-FILL Technology

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