iFILL® Micro Liquid Filling Fixture

Automate small volume liquid filling 

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The iFILL® Micro Automated Tray or Vial Liquid Filling Fixture lets you change from manual, bench top filling to semi-automatic liquid filling of vials, small bottles or containers with the same repeatable dispense accuracy of the i-FILL® Micro pump.  The portable fixture plugs into and is controlled through the iFILL® Micro pump. This small liquid filling fixture allows you to change vial trays in seconds by loosening and tightening two thumb screws. The bench top unit fits under a standard sized laminar flow hood.

Advantages of the iFILL® Micro Tray or Vial Filling Fixture:

  • Ergonomic alternative to repetitive, manual hand pipetting4_Tray vial 2
  • Eliminates repetitive manual filling
  • Recipe driven
  • Accommodates standard lab tray formats and vial racks
  • Accepts in-line or off-set trays and racks
  • Adjustable nozzle height
  • Change trays with two hand-tightened thumb screws
  • No tools required for changeover

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