i-FILL® Micro 1ml Single-Use Fluid Path Kit

Reduce risk of cross contamination with Single-Use Pump

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Single-Use Fluid Path Kits for the i-FILL® Micro precision dispensing pumps are ideal for bench top or production filling operations. The 1ml kit accommodates fill volumes ranging from 25mcL to 1ml to deliver the unmatched repeatable dispense accuracy of the i-FILL Micro pump — not achievable with other pumps; e.g., peristaltic or metering pumps. Each kit comes Lot # controlled, double-bagged, gamma irradiated and shipped with a Material Certificate of Conformance.  Materials used in this disposable tubing assembly are USP Class VI approved and suitable for gamma irradiation.
Made to Order, Custom Kit assembly is also available to accommodate process-specific filters, fittings, tubing lengths and other single-use components.

Single-Use kits can:

  • Eliminate SIP/ CIP/ Autoclave
  • Reduce risk of cross contamination
  • Be Changed in minutes, no tools required
  • Handle delicate product
  • Deliver unmatched, repeatable dispense accuracy after hundreds of cycles
  • i-FILL® Micro 1 ml Kit delivers single cycle fill volume up to 1ml; for larger volumes refer to the i-FILL Micro 10ml Kit or the i-FILL 10ml, 100ml or 1L Single Use fluid path kits.

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Single-Use vs. Stainless Steel