i-FILL® Micro 10ml Single-Use Fluid Path

Delivers unmatched, repeatable dispense accuracy

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Disposable Fluid Path Kits for the i-FILL®  Micro single-use pump are Lot # controlled, double-bagged, gamma irradiated and shipped with a Material Certificate of Conformance.

Custom Kit assembly also available, based on customer specifications.

Single-Use kits can:

  • Eliminate SIP/ CIP/ Autoclave
  • Reduce risk of cross contamination
  • Materials conform to USP Class VI, FDA
  • Reduce down time between production runs
  • Single-use pump handles delicate product
  • Deliver unmatched, repeatable dispense accuracy after hundreds of cycles
  • i-FILL® Micro Kit single cycle dispense up to 20ml
  • Custom Kit assemblies available with filters, fittings and other single-use components

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Single-Use vs. Stainless Steel