i-FILL® 1 Liter Single Use Fluid Path Kit

Disposable tubing assembly for large volume liquid filling or product transfer

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For large volume liquid filling, the 1 Liter Disposable Fluid Path Kits for the i-FILL®  single-use pumps are available to reduce the risk of cross contamination. This kit can be used for unmatched repeatable, liquid filling accuracy for fill volumes ranging from 10ml to 20L. The single use tubing assembly can be used to transfer delicate product in various stages of biopharmaceutical or biomanufacturing processes.

Each disposable fluid path tubing assembly comes complete with all components required from intake tubing to dispense nozzle.  Each kit is Lot # controlled, clearly labeled and includes a gamma irradiation, “Red is Exposed”, process indicator sticker.  Each kit is assembled and double-bagged in an ISO 7 Clean Room and ships with a Material Certificate of Conformance.

Call to learn more about the materials used in the kits, e.g., non-animal origin and meeting USPXXIII specification for Class VI plastics.

Custom Tubing (Transfer) Assemblies are also available to accommodate customized processes demanding varying tubing lengths, luer locks, filters, sanitary fittings, dispensing tips / nozzles, based on customer specifications. Also available are Intellitech’s full line of Single-Use fluid path consumable parts including medical-grade tube clamps, tubing, gaskets, seals and bottles to configure custom manifolds, sample bottles or tubing sets.

Single-Use, disposable fluid path kits can:

  • Eliminate time-consuming and expensive SIP/ CIP/ Autoclave
  • Materials conform to USP Class VI, FDA
  • Reduce risk of cross contamination
  • Lower facility and change protocol cost
  • Deliver unmatched, repeatable liquid filling dispense accuracy
  • 1 Liter i-FILL® Kit provide fill volume range from 10ml to 1L
    (Kits accommodate larger fill volumes by multi-stroking the pump)

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