Q-Biome Bioprocessing Control Platform

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The Quorus Biotech Q-BIOME console is a next-generation bioprocessing control platform pioneering the continuous cultivation of microbial and mammalian cell lines using single-use membrane bioreactors. This perfusion-based system can be an effective means of intensifying bioprocess conditions to obtain high cell densities and productivities in a low-to no-shear growth environment. The standalone incubator uses single-use technologies offering advantages such as increased flexibility, smaller volume and more cost-effective bioproduction processes. Benchmarked against stirred-tank cultivations, demonstrated to be 2-3 times higher in cultivations than traditional batch process.

The Q-Biome Console with Single Use Bioreactor provides:

  • Perfusion-based bioprocess
  • No cell damage from mechanical agitation
  • On board controls to set up process, adjust settings and monitor process performance
  • Continuous removal of value-added product

Unit now available in the U.S. through Intellitech.

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