Unscrambler Rotary Table

Turntable For Bottle Orientation

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Intellitech’s Unscrambler rotary turn table provides a simple method to orient bottles at the start of the semi-automated or fully automated liquid filling and capping process.  Rotary turntable speed is easily adjusted to synchronize with conveyor, liquid filler or capper speeds to provide smooth product container handling.

The Unscrambler rotary turn table is made from polished 316L stainless steel rails and an hard-coat, anodized aluminum top with fully-enclosed sides and adjustable leveling feet.  A heavy duty motor powers the table, operated by an On/Off toggle switch and potentiometer to control turn table rotation speed. The turn table comes complete with appropriate rails and fitments to accommodate product containers.

Unscrambler tops are available in varying diameters:

  • 30”
  • 36”
  • 42”
  • Custom sized tables available upon request

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