Oetiker ER 194 Series Clamps

Medical-Grade Stainless Steel Tubing Clamps 4.8 to 25mm

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Intellitech is the largest US distributor of Oetiker®  ER medical-grade PG 194 Series clamps.  The ER 194 Series clamp is stocked in sizes ranging from 4.8mm to 25mm.   Orders for in stock sizes (in quantities under 1,000) can ship in 24 hours or less.

The 194 Series stainless steel tubing clamp is easily clamped using a hand-squeezed pincher tool.  The clamps increase pull strength on manifolds and tubing sets.

Intellitech uses the clamp in varying sizes in all i-FILL® and i-FILL® Micro Single-Use, Disposable fluid path kits to withstand tugs and pulls on tubing sets.

Hans Oetiker® developed the first ever ear clamp in 1942 and built a business that thrives today manufacturing a simple product to the highest quality standards. The PG 194 Series is constructed of stainless steel and has passed testing for gamma irradiation compatibility. The clamp provides a safe connection for low pressure applications via a load retaining hook/window.

Trusted in crucial applications demanding seal integrity and pull strength, the Oetiker® Clamp is the clamp of choice, used extensively throughout the biopharmaceutical and life science industries.

Oetiker application engineers are available to assist you in sizing the correct clamp for your application.

The Oetiker® Original Ear Clamp provides:

  • Unmatched pull strength – application testing available
  • Stepless design – easy application to soft or hard parts
  • Burr-free strip edges – protects disposable fluid path from damage and minimizes risk of injury during assembly
  • Tolerance compensation – provides consistent application; each clamp has an adequate range of tolerance
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Small and light weight
  • Minimum space requirement (low installed height)

In stock orders ship in 24 hrs.

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