Sample Bottle “Octopus Assemblies”

Cellon PharmaTainerTM bottles with ported caps

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Intellitech now offers Cellon’s PharmaTainerTM Sample Bottles in sizes ranging from 125ml to 20L.  Only Cellon manufactures a Sample bottle with unique Serial Numbers printed on them. Bottles are manufactured in an ISO 7 Clean Room and come with full documentation including a Certificate of Compliance.  Bottles are available molded in either polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or polycarbonate (PC) material. Containers have raised, moulded in graduation marks to accurately indicate the liquid volume in the container.

Disposable port caps, designed to be used with PharmaTainerTM Sampling Bottles, are available in 2, 3 or 4 ports, Caps are supplied with hose barbs suitable for use with silicone, thermo-elastomer and/or PVC tubing.

Custom assemblies, also know as “Octopus Assemblies,” are available with multi-port caps, custom tubing lengths, filter(s) and/or connectors.

Sample bottles can be used in:

  • Liquid filling lines
  • Transfer lines
  • Final bulk fill
  • Sampling devices

Also now available Polycarbonate (PC) Filling Bell, shown above.  Transfer sterile media aseptically from large containers to small media bottles or culture vessels using the polycarbonate filling bell.  The filling bell also prevents splashing during the filling process.  PC Filling Bells are manufactured from medical grade USP Class VI resin. Designed as single-use disposable, they fit most media bottles, offer increased safety over glass filling bells, will not shatter and are priced competitively. Units can be packaged as required.  Each unit, individually wrapped, can also be bulk packaged.  The Filling Bells can be supplied non-sterile or gamma irradiated.  Units can be washed and/or can withstand autoclaving.

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