Robotic Capping

Pick and Place Caps and Cap Tightening

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IntelliTECH integrates robotic technology for cap pick and place (PNP) and screw torque applications when a customers requirement demands. We have used both DENSO and EPSON robots in liquid filling and capping systems to enable customers’ rapid, versatile end tooling changes and to accommodate a wide variety of production liquid filling requirements.

The use of robotic capping technology replaced proprietary, complex (outdated) electro-mechanical pick and place (PNP) devices. If (when) requirements change –such as a new container and cap– our customers now acquire new end tooling, any track or nest parts and reprogram the robot.

We can match best in class robotic technology to your application for:

  • Range of motion
  • Cycle time
  • Pay Load

We offer robots that are:

  • Clean Room compatible (if required)
  • Compact for a small workspace
  • Adaptable for future requirements
  • Industry proven for extended duty cycle

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