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Oetiker Ear Clamp Now in Single Use Kit

As a result of continued improvement on the i-FILL® Single Use / Disposable Fluid Path, Intellitech has partnered with Oetiker to supply connectors for tubing sets that meet the performance requirements of demanding applications.

Oetiker ear clamps are now available in:

  • i-FILL® Single Use / Disposable Fluid Path Kit
    • 100ml
  • i-FILL® Micro Single Use / Disposable Fluid Path Kit
    • 1ml
    • 20ml
  • Custom Kits and Tubing Set Assemblies
  • Hose clamp for Waterbath
  • Direct Purchase – Call 1-866-434-5548 for Application Support

Hans Oetiker developed the first ever ear clamp in 1942 and built a business that thrives today manufacturing a simple product to the highest quality standards.  The Oetiker Original Ear Clamp provides:

  • Unmatched Pull Strength – Application Testing Available
  • Stepless Design – Easy application to soft or hard parts
  • Burr- Free Strip Edges – Protects disposable fluid path from damage and prevents risk of employee injury during assembly
  • Tolerance Compensation – Provides consistent application; Each clamp has a range of tolerances

                                        167_10M0_xx_090114_SteplessEarClamp_01                                       168_10L0_xx_090114_SteplessLowProfileClamp_02

                         Stepless Ear Clamp PG 167            Stepless Low Profile Clamp PG 168

                                          193                               194_10L0_xx_090114_ER_00

                             Stepless Ear Clamp PG 193                 Ear Clamp PG 194

Oetiker Ear Clamps are trusted in crucial applications demanding seal integrity and strength.  In the transportation industry, the Oetiker Ear Clamp is used to affix airbags to detonators. In the medical device industry, they are used on external cardiac pumps, essential to artificial heart surgery.

Call 1-866-434-5548 to Order or for Application Support