iFILL® Multi-Head Liquid Filler

Increase liquid filling capacity

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The iFILL® Multi-Head Liquid Filler is ideally suited for large volume liquid filling – fill volumes ranging from 100ml to multi liter single cycle dispense.

iFILL® Multi-Head Liquid Filler pumps were introduced in 2009 and continue to be the corner stone of liquid filling systems. Customers have the ability to apportion individual or multiple pump product flow.  In production use by well-known bio-tech companies in the U.S., Canada and Singapore, it outperforms other liquid fillers. The multi head pump successfully transfers delicate product and live cells with a high viability rate. Validation Protocol available.

The iFILL® Multi-Head Liquid Filler accommodates standard cleaning protocols or Single-Use Technology (disposable fluid path) without sacrificing unmatched precision liquid filling.  Single-Use disposable fluid path minimizes risk of cross contamination AND reduces change over from more than 32 parts (including valves, gaskets, seals and nozzle) to 1 double-bagged, gamma-irradiated assembly.

With the iFILL® Multi-Head Liquid Filler, you can:2_Multi Head 2

  • Fill 10ml to multi-liter with one or multiple nozzles
  • Minimize risk of cross contamination
  • Perform fast, no-tool change over
  • Employ Single-Use or stainless steel liquid filling parts interchangeably
  • Increase throughput with dual or multi-head liquid filler
  • Eliminate over filling and product loss
  • Enjoy no-drip dispense
  • Achieve same unmatched precision as the Single Head iFILL®

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