Unmatched Precision Liquid Filling

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The versatile i-FILL pump has been validated by customers in challenging, regulated filling environments since 2003. In production use by well-known bio-tech companies in the U.S., Canada and Singapore, it outperforms other liquid filling pumps for consistent, repeatable dispense accuracy. The pump successfully transfers delicate product and live cells with a high viability rate.
Includes Validation Protocol.

The i-FILL accommodates standard cleaning protocols or Single-Use Technology (disposable fluid path) without sacrificing unmatched precision filling. Single-Use, disposable fluid path minimizes risk of cross contamination AND reduces change over from 32 parts (including gaskets and seals) to 1 pre-packaged assembly complete with nozzle / dispensing tip.

With the i-FILL pump, you can:

  • Fill ml to multi liter with same liquid filler drive assembly
  • Minimize risk of cross contamination
  • Perform fast, no-tool change over
  • Use liquid filling parts interchangeably
  • Increase throughput with dual head liquid filler
  • Eliminate over filling and product loss
  • Enjoy no-drip dispense


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