i-FILL® Micro Liter Liquid Filler with Single Use Fluid Path

i-FILL® Micro

Best In Class μl Liquid Filler

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The i-FILL Micro is the next generation micro liter liquid filling pump that eliminates time-consuming changeovers, expensive head cleaning and problematic mechanical adjustments. In production use since 2006, customers “continue to be amazed by its reliability, consistency and incredible accuracy.” Single-Use Technology provides the convenience of disposable fluid path while delivering unmatched precision.

  • Ergonomic alternative to repetitive hand pipetting
  • Maintains dispense accuracy over thousands of cycles
  • Easy to set up and use via display or footswitch
  • Successful in transfer of live cells or delicate product
  • Benchtop or integrate with semiautomatic or fully automatic liquid FILL / FINISH
  • Optional tray filling fixture for automated benchtop filling


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When dispense accuracy is critical, the choice is clear i-FILL® pumps are Best in Class