iCAP® Servo Capping Machine

Single or Dual Head, Table Top or Frame mounted

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The iCAP® Servo Capping machine is built to tighten caps with precision application torque via servo motors.  In addition, the cap torque arm has a spring-loaded spindle to engage threads and assure caps are tight. The unit has easy-to-change cap chucks to accommodate a wide variety of cap shapes and sizes. The same unit can also be used to crimp caps.

The iCAP® Screw Cap Machine is available:

  • As a Table Top unit operated via a foot switch, control panel, or two palm-button safety controls;
  • Mounted in a roll-up frame with conveyor; or
  • Integrated with the intelliFILLER™ liquid filling machine.

With available servo motor technology, the i-CAP can output data on each individual cycle of cap tightening.  Application torque data can be monitored and used to activate a reject mechanism, if required.

Machined cap chucks are available that have knurled edges to match caps.  These chucks insure a tightened cap and eliminate the cost of a consumable spare. Cap chucks are also available with rubber or urethane inserts.

The i-CAP torque unit accommodates screw top lids for bottle capping; either round, square and rectangle bottles, with openings for narrow and wide mouth.  Cap chucks accommodate cap sizes of 24/415 to 63/415.

i-Cap Screw Torquer - 2 pixFeatures of the iCAP®:

  • Replace manual cap tightening
  • Eliminate repetitive stress injuries
  • Ensure seal integrity
  • Torque and/or crimp with same unit
  • Use in lab, Clean Room and production environment
  • Adaptable for changing requirements
  • Servo motor or air clutch options
  • Crimp closures available, see our Crimp Seal product page
  • Robotic unit available, recipe driven for automatic cap pick and place

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