½” Disposable In-Line Check Valve

 Single Use Technology for large volume liquid filling

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Intellitech offers a 1/2″ in-line check valve used to control liquid fluid flow from source to container.  The one-way check valve was designed specifically for the i-FILL®  1L Single-Use Fluid Path Kit. The valves control the intake and discharge of fluid through the i-FILL® positive displacement pump.  The no-return valve design prevents back-flow for no-drip liquid filling.  The Check Valve is molded from a copolymer that meets USPXXIII specifications for Class VI plastics.  Arrows molded into the valve indicate flow path direction.

The Check Valve is available for custom applications and can be sold separately.

Check Valve Features:

  • Fits .5” ID tubing
  • Tapered ports
  • Suitable for gamma irradiation
  • Materials conform to USP Class VI, FDA
  • Flow direction indicator (arrow to the nozzle)

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