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pic_0049_newWith over 80 installations worldwide since 2002, each of our customers rely on service and support for production. At Intellitech, support begins before you buy, continues during the manufacture of your equipment and after delivery. From the friendly voice you’ll hear answer the phone to the knowledgeable expertise you’ll appreciate from service technicians, we work to support our customers. You can expect:

Pre-Sales Support

  • Use the build your system application
  • Send commodities or product for evaluation
  • Submit your specification and request a quote
  • Schedule a product demonstration or onsite visit
  • Place an order via e-mail, web, phone, or fax

 Project Management

  • Monitor manufacturing progress
  • Observe factory acceptance test
  • Review deliverable documentation
  • Contract optional IQ/OQ validation documents
  • Attend system training
  • Set up preventive maintenance and consumables ordering

 Post-Sales Service and Support

  • Contract system delivery, installation and set up
  • Support and/or execution of site acceptance test, IQ/OQ validation
  • Schedule on-site, machine maintenance
  • Blanket order spare parts, consumables and field service
  • Contact technical support for production assistance
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Extended Warranty
  • Trade-in / up-grade used equipment
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