20_Crimp 2Vial / Bottle Crimp Seal

Bench top, Monobloc or Inline Crimper

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Intellitech offers versatile semi-automatic bottle or vial crimp options to accommodate individual unit closures or production run capacity, automatic bottle crimpers.  A repeatable, consistent crimp can be achieved with a Benchtop crimper operated via foot pedal or palm button. Additional capacity is available in a monoblock configuration or inline crimper; semi-automatic, automatic, single head or double head, inline automatic system.

The i-CAP® Crimper model provides:

  • Crimp heads for sizes from 7.3mm to 32mm
  • Crimping for vial caps, flip-off caps or flip tear off caps
  • Accommodates both aluminum crimp and flip-off seals
  • Interchangeable crimp heads with easy change over
  • No tools required for change over
  • Adjustable crimp height setting for various vial or bottle sizes
  • Adjustable position setting for various seal and/or septa 20_Crimp 1thickness

In addition to the bench top or table top crimper, automatic system options are available:

  • Roll up frame w/safety door interlocks
  • Servo motor operated feed screw
  • Vial sensors at crimp station
  • Vibratory feeder bowl
  • i-CAP® crimper drive

Customers can:

  • Replace manual crimping
  • Ensure seal integrity
  • Reduce risk of repetitive stress injury

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