Medical Grade Stainless Steel Clamps

Improve pull strength, 360° hold

Intellitech carries all sizes of Oetiker 194 clamp

Oetiker Stainless Steel Tubing Clamps

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Intellitech has partnered with Oetiker® to supply ear clamps for tubing sets that meet the performance requirements of demanding biopharmaceutical applications.  We are now the largest US distributor for medical-grade Series PG 194 ear clamps.  In-stock sizes range from 4.8mm to 25mm.

Trusted in crucial applications demanding seal integrity and pull strength, the Oetiker® Clamp is the clamp of choice, used extensively throughout the biopharmaceutical and life science industries.

Hans Oetiker® developed the first ever ear clamp in 1942 and built a business that thrives today manufacturing a simple product to the highest quality standards.

Ear Clamps provide:

  • Unmatched pull strength – Application testing available
  • Stepless design – Easy application to soft or hard parts
  • Burr- free strip edges – Protects disposable fluid path from damage and minimizes risk of injury during assembly
  • Tolerance compensation – Provides consistent application; Each clamp has an adequate range of tolerance

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